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Pattern Development 

Industrial Engraving designs patterns and engraves rolls for embossing applications including paper, film, foil, and nonwoven substrates. Whether the application is matched steel, rubber-to-steel, or paper-to-steel, our years of experience gives us insight and knowledge that we're able to pass on to our customers. This experience makes us a leader in the industry today.


Tissue Patterns

Tissue patterns include spot emboss patterns, overall patterns, micro emboss patterns, and combinations or variations of each. New patterns can be designed for rubber-to-steel or matched steel applications.

Towel Patterns

Whether the towel product is a one-ply product or two-ply nested or a foot-to-foot product, our towel patterns and engraved steel rolls continue to provide quality embossing in some of the finest towel products marketed today. Attention to detail and accuracy ensures a product that stands out above others.

Napkin Patterns

Napkin patterns and engraved napkin emboss rolls are designed and manufactured for matched steel or paper-to-steel applications. A variety of overall napkin patterns and open center designs are available to choose from. Let our experience work for you. Embossing designs such as linen patterns, overall symmetrical (50/50) patterns, ply-bonding coinedge patterns and more are available.



Film & Poly Products

High and low density poly products can be embossed using thermoform and mechanical emboss patterns. Custom designs can be created for poly bags, flat films, agro-films, and more.



Industrial Engraving thermobond patterns are designed for embossing various nonwoven materials. Electrically or oil heated rolls, hardened, or non-hardened rolls can be supplied by Industrial Engraving Corporation for your exact requirements.

Air Laid & Mechanical Bonding

Embossing patterns for air laid applications are available for the steadily increasing number of operations. Examples include wet wipes, medical, and hygiene products.

Additional Material Capabilities

Laminates Foil
Plastic Metal

Our emboss patterns are most commonly designed for paper products and thermobond / thermoform products. However, our custom design capabilities for equipment, rolls, and embossing patterns gives us opportunities to work in various "specialty" applications.

Specialty products and applications that we've serviced in the past include: labels, greeting card embossing, butter wrap and other foils, baking emboss patterns, and more.

Contact us today to see if we can assist you with your applications.

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